Palate for the Planet

In connection with the University of Oxford, Phase 3 have been exploring the different plants that are grown in the Oxford Botanic Garden. The children had a list of different fruits and plants, they had to match the fruit with its picture and the plant or tree it comes from. They were also given scents to smell which they had to match with each fruit or plant. Sugar and Chocolate were the most tricky to smell. The children then explored where these foods were originally grown. We looked at how far each plant or fruit has to travel to get to us in Gloucestershire. We discussed how this then impacts the environment.

Stop Motion Parables

Phase 3 have been exploring parables from the Christian bible which show hope. We read the parable of the lost sheep, the crossing of the red sea and the mustard seed. We discussed how the parables teach us to keep believing and not to give up hope. It also showed us how Christians look to God when they feel they need hope.

The children then worked in groups to create a stop motion animation of one of the parables. The children created the images for their chosen parable, then took a series of photos which became their animations.

Cliff hangers

This week year 6 have been looking at suspense narratives. We have read a short suspense story called ‘The Hook.’ However, we didn’t read the whole text and instead I withheld the ending. The children used short sentences, dialogue and interesting adjectives to create effective cliff hangers.

Home Learning 17.05.23

Home Learning – Wednesday 17th May 2023

This Wednesday afternoon we would like you to complete some of the following tasks.

If you complete a task, you should upload it to your portfolio on your dojo account or you can bring in anything completed on paper into school tomorrow.


Can I remind parents and children that we expect three signatures a week from parents in your child’s reading record to show that children have read at home either to a parent, a sibling or independently.


We will be looking at animation over the next few weeks. What can you find out about animators? What is it like to be an animator? Research Wallace and Gromit and how the animators create those films and cartoons. Can you learn any tips or tricks ahead of our lessons?


It’s really important to have some time being mindful. This could include listening to music, going for a walk, drawing, painting, playing board games, making something out of lego etc. Please share how you spend time being mindful to support your wellbeing.


Miss Osmond’s Maths group will be learning how to calculate integers (whole numbers) with decimals. Use the links below to further your understanding of this:

The link below will take you to the Oak National Academy page for KS2 Decimals. Don’t forget to try the unit quiz before and after to test, this will tell you what you know at the beginning and end of the unit.

Please use TTRS to practice your times tables:

You can also use arithmequiz 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 to practice a variety of arithmetic style questions to improve your fluency.


This week, make sure you spend some time doing a physical activity with a family member or on your own. This could be a Joe Wicks P.E lesson or Cosmic Yoga on Youtube or going for a walk, out on your bike or going to the park with a family member.

Where can we find hope?

For the next four weeks we will be learning about hope and what that looks like to us personally and to others within different religions. If someone is feeling down or upset, how can they become hopeful? Where might they find hope? Talk to your family members about where they find hope when things seem tough? How can we stay hopeful for the future when things seem impossible? Write down a few words or create a poster about how we can find hope.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Miss Taylor and Miss Osmond